I now understand

I'm no longer searching for happines, because I have realized that the eternal happines will be in the Hereafter.
Sure, there will be times of happines in this life. Moments of joy when we watch something good, the times we laugh so hard we can't breathe and when we surrond ourselves with those we love the most.
The happines everyone keeps talking about can't be achieved in this life.
My focus from here now will in sh Allah be balance and consistency.
Balance in my relationship with my Lord and Master - by keeping in mind that living without worshiping and obeying Him will eventually destroy me. Because I know how it's like without Allah. And keeping balance with this wordly life and the Hereafter.
Consistency by trying to be consistent in the small deeds I try to make and the habits I want in life.
I now understand.
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Asalamu alaykum yall. Alhamdulillah gånger 500 att Al Magrib Institute seminariet är på fredag!! Nästan gråtfärdig haha, ska bli helt fantastiskt in sh Allah. 

Hoppas ni får en fin dag, pussa era älskade på kinden (läs: din mamna). You never know när er sista stund är tillsammans. 
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why I lovee tumblr

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